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Adventure Humanity - India needs our help!

A project from Förderverein Indienhilfe Saar e.V.
in Marthandam Kuzhithurai, India

Adventure Humanity - Indienhilfe Saar e.V.: 100% aid; health- / disaster relief; farm animals, family sponsorship; girls- / women's projects; to be human in dignity hospice; ambulances car 20 T€; drinking water + well; electricity; toilets; caritas

S. Limbach
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About this project

"Adventure Humanity"  - Help us - to be there for the people !!!

  • A goat as a breadwinner - with € 70 (INR 5000) for a goat, the worst need of poor families in India can be alleviated. However, monthly income is often below € 50 - too small for food, clothing, medicine and education for children. The families are suffering poverty. Buying a goat is not possible for them. Give them the beautiful gift of a goat or some chickens ... Let the Adventure Humanity come true!

  • On this website only five of our projects are described - Befriend the needy. We say heartfelt thanks!
  • Our german sponsoring association "Indienhilfe Saar e.V.", is selflessly active and guarantees, that all donations flow directly and 100% into the described aid projects.

  • By close collaboration, absolute transparency and support on site we help directly: To benefit animals, good seeds, trainings, prevention, education-/and family sponsorship, disease control, aid for individual fates ... and many things more! 

  • Please visit us on our website, get to know the people we love:

  • Our long-term goal: 100,000 Euros (7,000,000 INR) donation funds in 3-5 years for India help projects.

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Pleas support our projects: 
  • Prevention campaigns against dengue fever: Outbreak of dengue fever is feared in Tamil Nadu. Countermeasures: 20 emergency health camps in 20 villages. Objective: Enlightenment, awareness raising, active prevention measures, medical and medical Treatment
  • Bricks for Mr. Rajappa and his 4 children: Family of Mr. Rajappa urgently needs a new roof so that the monsoon rain does not soften their entire accommodation. The roof of their small house is totally ailing and patched with blue plastic foils. Thank you for your help!
  • Musical instruments for a youth music Group: 10 young people dream of starting a music group, but need support in buying the instruments and for the teacher. Two disabled children will be integrated into this project. Thank you if you make these young people happy!
  • Sponsors for children / families in Need: We know them well, these families in need: - they have, for example, a disabled child who hopes for an operation - it is a paralyzed father who does not have any tools - or a penniless widow with 5 schoolchildren ... Become their personal Sponsor!
  • Give a goat! Poor families in India are hoping for a goat to have healthy milk for their children. A must for this project: Each first-born baby goat of a given goat is donated in the village - so you help many families!

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