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Berlin plays! - Let children play and laughter.

A project from Berlin lacht! e. V.
in Berlin, Germany

We want to install a temporary artistic and interactive playground on the Alexanderplatz for summer 2018 made by Guixot de 8. Discover, proof and develop your creativity, fine motor skills and joy to play together. For all ages in public space.

Siggi W.
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About this project

Kids holiday playground at Alex 2018 for free! That's Berlin plays! It is the additional slogan of the cooperation with the artist family Guixot de 8 (Spain) and Berlin lacht! convinced that imagination is the key element in life. Together we set a self experience adventure gameparcour with unique and artistically designed toys from old bicycle, metal and scrap pieces. #UpcyclingCity

The non-profit organisation Berlin lacht! e.V. arrange the 10th international street theater festival from 26.07. - 12.08. 2018 on Alexanderplatz. Berlin plays! is a special offer for both children and adults the opportunity to play together, to discover and to have fun. 

This worldwide unique 18 days festival without external funds. Its open to all ages, family-friendly, free entrance (donation.)  The colorless and restless square change into a imaginatively designed, joyful and peaceful open air spot. The high skilled performances range from all kind of entertainment: circus, magic, comedy, street music, fire shows, puppetry etc.