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A project from CADUS e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

CADUS is a nonprofit and independent aid organization that initiates innovative and sustainable projects in the field of humanitarian aid. The focus is on the need-based help for self-help.

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About this project

We at CADUS stand for effective emergency relief in war and crisis situations with a focus on medical care.
In doing so, we rely on close consultation with the affected local communities, networking and cooperation with other organizations, as well as on the constant development and testing of new approaches for even more effective help. Since 2014 our operations have taken us to North Syria, Iraq, the Sea Rescue on the Mediterranean Sea and to Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The organizational foundation for our operations are our office and workshop in Berlin.
In the office we plan the assignments, manage our projects, organize our public relations work and carry out trainings and further education. Office supplies, labor costs and rent are less exciting requirements, but just as important for our work as medicines or bandages.
Your donation will help us finance the foundation for professional humanitarian aid.

In our workshop, the Crisis Response Makerspace, we devote ourselves to our deployment equipment. The experience gained from the missions flows directly into the development and improvement of our deployment technology. We receive support from many supporters with various abilities and training. Research cooperations with universities also ensure innovative development.
In our Makerspace, we have built our Mobile Hospital and vehicles for use on the Balkan route and are developing, among other things, a furnace for the incineration of medical waste and a system for the airdrop of relief supplies.
But we do not just do it for ourselves, we share our knowledge and make the solutions we develop available to the public as blueprints.

Your donation will enable us to continue to build the equipment for our operations in our Makerspace and to develop new, innovative solutions.