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A little jewel in Freinsheim - please help us to preserve it!

Freinsheim, Germany

Our organ had leaned away from the wall. We had to dismantle it and stabilize the gallery and renew the electrical system, heating and lighting. Now the choir roof and the painting have to be renewed. We urgently need your help!

M. Palm from Prot. Kirchengemeinde Freinsheim
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Welcome to our pages!

The Freinsheim church is a small jewel in the Palatinate church landscape! 

Due to a major problem - the organ had leaned away from the gallery wall and had become unplayable - we had to dismantle the organ in 2018/19 in a major renovation project and then completely rebuild the gallery. 

In this project, the entire electrical system of the church as well as the lighting were renewed - with light and sound we have definitely arrived in the 21st century. 

Thanks to two large donors we were able to install a seat cushion heating and a glass door between the tower and the church. This saves heating costs in the long run and makes the church much more attractive for visitors. 

350,000 euros were spent on this renovation phase in the end. About 80,000 Euros of this amount were donated, we are still paying off a loan of 50,000 Euros - among other things through organ sponsorships:

Two new projects are already waiting: The roof tiles on the choir roof are old and with every storm some of them fall off. In addition, we were not able to finance an interior painting during the last renovation phase. So these two projects are still pending.

Please help us to ensure that our little jewel will be preserved for many generations to come!

Thank you very much for your support!

Pastor Martin Palm