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Our school is helping us! A sustainable new start after the lockdown

Nairobi, Kenya

We want to offer educational opportunities for the children at our school in Gituamba Nairobi and a hot meal a day. Various things are needed: food, learning materials, fair teacher salaries and new perspectives.

W. Witt from WIR GESTALTEN e.V.
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Uzimatele means "the full life" in Swahili. This is the motto of the elementary school in Gituamba, a slum in Nairobi. Since 7 years 250 children can go to school here, who were previously denied access to education because the next school is many kilometers away. 
In Kenya, there was a second lockdown between March and May 2021, which was fortunately lifted again thanks to falling infection figures. The already precarious situation of education in slum areas is aggravated by the repeated interruption of school attendance. It is therefore all the more important that the Uzimatele Education Centre has been allowed to reopen. Here, children learn for life and receive a warm meal. Even after the lockdown, only a few families can afford the full school fees. In order to guarantee the continuity and quality of the education, we still need support to pay the teachers fairly and to train them. 
In order to further expand our work with children and young people and to make it sustainable, we want to buy a piece of land. Ten percent of the amount has already been donated. We look forward to receiving donations for this cause so that our work can continue to grow.