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Please help - 300 dogs loose their home august 11, 2019!!!!

Please help for finish the building of the new shelter.The current one must be evacuated latest 11.8. no dog is allowed to be there anymore. Every € counts for saving 300 lives! After august 4and when the new shelter is not finished,what happens

K. Kannengiesser from Hilfe statt Trost n.e.V.Write a message

a country in which animals have no lobby...they are simply not worth anything.The suffering of the animals is very very high.For us here in Germany and also in many other countries not imaginable which misery you will see coming to Romania.
Dogs are abandoned or brought to public “shelters"(often kill shelters),they are abused and killed.They have to live their lives in tiny,smelly,overcrowded cages in the“shelters”,often without enough food or water,often they get ill,but nobody cares.Also on the streets everywhere dogs,emaciated,starved,sick,killed by cars...and the many puppies who will never have a chance to have a family .
But it is the right of every single animal to have a good life,which drives a young animal rights activist in Valcea with her rescue work. 
For several years she is helping now exactly these poor souls.She cares for sick and injured animals,takes puppies from danger zones and feeds them,feeds strays in their area so that they feel at least a few times not so hungry.We try to provide as much financial support as possible and are there to help several times a year. 
Maria Cristina has currently approx.300 dogs and puppies,which she has found abandoned on the street,rescued from shelters or often found directly in front of her home. 
The capacity is exceeded and it is difficult to close your eyes to further emergencies.But to this great worry comes now a much bigger problem ... Residents from the village and neighbors are against her work since long time, they do not want to have the dogs in their surroundings.... and now all dogs have to go!!!This is an official decission of the authorities and she can not do anything against it!!!
ALL DOGS ARE IN DANGER-Marias camp must be completely evacuated by August 11,2019 !!! 
A piece of land (4900 sqm) could already be bought thanks to previous donations far from any neighbors.On this plot Maria's dream of their own secure place for her dogs,where the animals can live in peace,could become true!Here they could recover and learn to trust humans again,so that we can later find a home and a family for them. 
Thanks to donations, the piece of land could already be bought and the building of the kennels was started (but not finished). Still much is missing!! 
But in order to complete them,Maria needs our help!
Otherwise she would have no place for the dogs and on 11.August will be the evacuation-what will then happen with her 300 dogs? Surely it would mean the sure death for many of them.
the costs for 1 squaremeter ready costs 10€ - every smal donation helps!!

Hilfe statt Trost n.e.V.
IBAN-Nummer: DE 97330605920530355770
Bankverbindung: SPARDA BANK WEST