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Funded Money for Container with donations to support kids of Benposta Venezuela!

Container for Benposta Venezuela including food, materials, donations, toys, etc.

P. Rupprecht from Amigos de Benposta Venezuela e.V.Write a message

 Our community "Amigos de Benposta Venezuela e.V." is supporting the non-profit organization "Benposta" in Venezuela. Benposta takes care of indigigenous children and offering them accommodation, education, food, clothes and most important: a FUTURE.
The situation in Venezuela has turned worse dramatically in the past 4-5 years. In protests against the Regime have died more than 200 people. Furthermore there are dying EVERY DAY because of starvation, missing health care and violence.
People have to make a line for hours in front of a supermarket to buy some groceries. Often they need to wait in line the day before to get the chance of buying any meat or chicken or butter, etc. Quite often they have to gome without having achieved anything.
Kids are dying daily because of no potable water or only having a meal every 3rd day. If they are getting sick there's no medical treatment available.
People are even killing animals in the zoo to have some meat!
Our charity is offering more than 400 children a warm meal every day. We are hosting more than 100 childrens daily, offering the chance to go to school and practicing in a circus. We are mentoring children from every age, starting with infants up to students.
As we are missing currently not only food, but also important material, we are preparing a container, which should be shipped to Venezuela this September 2017.
This container has been organized from a former Italian volunteer and is full of donations including materials, (drinking) water pumps, clothes, food, toiletries, toys, among others.
All articles which can't be found in Venezuela...
The freight costs for this container will be around EUR 8.000,-. The content is worth more than 3x the costs!
Our charity Amigos de Benposta Venezuela e.V ., existing of former volunteers and supporters of Benposta Venezuela, has been able to collect about 5.500,- EUR so far to finance this container. These donations have been collected within a circle of friends and acquaintances.
Unfortunately we are currently still missing about 2.500,- EUR to finance the container.
As the container will be shipped already mid/ end of September we will need to pay the bill until 06th of September 2017 (latest).
Here we are counting on you...
We urgently need your help and your donation for this very important project. Without your help we won't be able to pay for the container thus all the donations would need to stay in Europe so far.
If you support us paying for this container, we will have all necessary materials in Venezuela for building up some drinking water fountains. Also we can ship a part of the equipment for the new Girls-House and assure the supply with food and medicine for the next 12 months and thus support up to 400 children every day!
For more information please visit the following pages or contact me personally: