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Funded Support Sports and Community for young orphans and refugees in Uganda!

Sports fosters community, health and development: Support the construction of a multi functional sports area for young orphans and refugees at the Social Innovation Academy Uganda!

Amelie H. from Jangu e.V.Write a message

The Social Innovation Academy (SINA) offers a unique learning environment to marginalized youth, equipping them with the prerequisites to become successful social entrepreneurs and founders. Scholars are enabled and intrinsically motivated to turn the challenges of their difficult past into entrepreneurial opportunities. Scholar do not leave SINA with a mere certificate but with a self-made, sustainable social enterprise. With youth unemployment at 83% this is an essential development to drive social change in Uganda.
Sports plays a major role to achieve a balanced development of personal growth, entrepreneurial motivation but als social competence, trust and a sense of community. The multipurpose sports area will provide a sanctuary for reflection, interpersonal exchange and motivation for Ugandan youth. 

The plans include a soccer and volleyball field as well as an outdoor gym and workout area. The space will also be available to youth from the surrounding communities and be used to for example host match days. The area will thus also support the local sense of community and belonging and bring further youth in touch with SINA in order to foster entrepreneurial spirit and encourage social change.

In line with the up-cycling concept at SINA the construction will utilize waste material where ever possible. Car tires and water containers will for example serve as gym weights and rice sacks be turned into box sacks. Construction will be lead by both scholars and a SINA born enterprise in order to maximize learning effects.

All donations will be invested in material and construction of the sports area.
In order to make the dream of a versatile sports area for our community come true we are counting on your support!

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