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lordvic g. (Project Manager)

lordvic g.
Background Information:
Healthy, Civilized, Educated, Empowered and Productive young girls.

Project Purpose:
To unlock potential of 150 young girls through training and education for sustainable development.

Problem Statement:
With time, the number of young girls dropping out of school and engaged as housemaids, barmaids, food vendors, prostitutes or married at lower age has increased. The situation has been as a result of many factors which include: HIV/AIDS wiping out entire families leaving only children to care for themselves, domestic violence, single parenthood, unwanted pregnancies, broken marriages and other related issues.
Besides, there are those who have been orphaned by through loss of parents through accidents and other causes of death.

poverty is still high usually leading to children being abandoned and therefore making them more vulnerable to HIV/AIDS infection and taking on out of the ordinary jobs like, prostitution, bar waitresses, food selling, baby sitting and house keeping

More information:

Location: jinja, Uganda

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