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Residence Blankenfelder Straße: Out and About Inclusion in City Life

Berlin, Germany

The sheltered accomodation in Blankenfelder Straße is the home of 30 Persons with disabilities, who would like to take a greater part in the cultural life. They have no income and are being generously supported by the musical-star Sarah Bowden.

Lebenshilfe Berlin from Lebenshilfe Berlin
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The Lebenshilfe sheltered housing in Blankenfelderstrasse is home to 30 persons with disabilities, who would like to choose for themselves which cultural activities they would like to see or experience. They have no personal income and are currently being generously supported by the musical star Sarah Bowden.

Their desire to enjoy more inclusion in the cultural life of Berlin is limited by their financial means. A ticket for a musical, concert or museum is quite simply out of their financial reach.
Our aim is for Persons with disabilities to have the same chance to choose their free time activities according to their own wishes, in the same way as people without disabilities. Everybody enjoys an inspiring evening or weekend alone or with friends.
The 30 Blankenfelder Strasse residents live in 5 family like groups in “Französisch Buchholz” in the Berlin Borough of Pankow. They are between 25 and 82 years of age and all have physical and mental handicaps. The staff of this Lebenshilfe Residence cares for and support them where necessary but also encourage them to be as independent as possible and, with the help of their families and assistants, to make their own decisions.
Sarah Bowden met the group on their visit to Der Theater des Westens to see her in the starring role of Esmeralda in Disneys Musical "Der Glöckner von Notre Dame"(The Hunchback of Notre Dame). There was an immediate feeling of empathy between Sarah and the group and after hearing of their wish for more access to culture she spontaneously promised her support and will sponsor them in the SportScheck City Run on 20.08.2017 and the BMW Berlin-Marathon on 24.09.2017. 
Please help us with your donation to fulfil the smaller and bigger wishes of the residents of the Lebenshilfe Residence in the Blankenfelder Strasse. And ensure that they too are active members of the community. 

Lebenshilfe is a registered charity for Persons with Disabilities whose aim is to make it possible for them to lead self-determined lives, enjoy equal rights and thus to improve the quality of their individual lives.