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Creabuntu- artproject for kids in Katutura, Township of Windhoek, Namibia

A project from Tangeni Shilongo Namibia e. V.
in Windhoek, Namibia

Creabuntu- strong personalities through art. Giving kids in the Township of Katutura life-skills through art classes. And art school as an after-school-programm is Creabuntus goal.

E. Reinauer
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About this project

Creabuntu: is a combination of create and Ubuntu- a philosophy from South Africa meaning: I am because of you. Creabuntu wants to create a moving art school as an after school program where kids can learn theatre, music and painting.
We want to give them life-skills through art and empower kids and young people  with Acting, painting, music, dance. To give young people confidence and help developing their creativity and
Art skills. Build strong personalities through art, give them art education.
Art trains creativity, life-skills like confidence and empathy.
 One big goal we like to achieve is to have a school and place where kids can develop and live their full talent, have space to heal and grow. To raise understanding in the parents for art education. Get the kids of the streets, give them a perspective.
 Over 20 000 children live in Katutura and there is not enough educational programs like this. Also not enough places they can go after school.
Most important things we like to achieve:
-get kids off the streets
-give them space to learn, express themselves and be creative
-train them in art
-feed them
-offer healing through art-therapy
-have rooms for exhibitions and performances.
First steps will be to start a three-month workshop in Katutura.