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DLRG Lifesaving in Mühldorf a. Inn

A project from DLRG Kreisverband Mühldorf a. Inn e.V.
in Mühldorf a. Inn, Germany

Water rescue, first aid, civil protection, supervision, prevention, voluntary work. We are there for you. Your DLRG in Mühldorf - more than just 4 letters.

Mathias D.
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About this project

We are the lifeguards from the DLRG Kreisverband Mühldorf a. Inn and are looking for your support. Since July 1st, 2012, we have dedicated ourselves to reduce the number of non-swimmers in the district Mühldorf and beyond by teaching how to swim and furthermore, training swimmers as lifeguards.

We are all voluntary lifeguards. We are there to provide immediate assistance with any kind of water emergency with our Rapid Deployment Team (SEG), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also, we are alerted in case of catastrophies to help e.g. evacuating concerned communities in flood areas.

Every summer, from May to October, we provide over 300 hours of voluntary watch to make your visit to the outdoor pool Waldbad Waldkraiburg safer. We assist the pool attendants in supervision of the guests and provide first aid in case you are injured.

We actively work on reducing the number of swimming accidents and raising the number of swimmers. We offer numerous swimming courses for your children every year and hold first-aid courses for you. We want everyone to be able to provide first aid - no matter when and where.

Our tasks are versatile and challenging. Our work requires physical and mental fitness, a lot of training and a high degree of flexibility. Our equipment is expensive and indispensable. Our trainings are important and financed by ourselves.

We depend on your support.

We thank you therefor.

Your lifeguards of the
DLRG Kreisverband Mühldorf a.Inn.