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Trees for the Future

A project from Christlicher Hilfsverein Wismar e.V.
in Bishnica, Albania

New stage of our "Trees for the Future" project in Albania: In December 2021, trees will be planted in Holtas - a place where soil erosion has already caused great damage.

F. Weinhold
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About this project

The Christian Relief Association Wismar e.V. has been active in the Albanian Mokra region since 1992. In addition to aid transports, social projects and community work, we also support the improvement of infrastructure and general living conditions. With the "Trees for the Future" project, for example, several thousand trees were planted to reforest eroded areas and to improve farmers' incomes through fruit trees. These actions were accompanied by an international exchange of experience for forestry staff and have contributed to visibly changing the region: The Mokra Mountains are much greener today than 10 years ago.

Tree planting campaign 2021 in Holtas
After the planting campaign planned for 2020 could not be carried out due to Corona, preparations are now underway for the campaign in 2021, which is to take place in December in Holtas, a remote village about 20 km west of Bishnica. Here, soil erosion has already caused great damage, even right in the village. Professor Enver Roshi, who himself comes from Holtas, is the initiator of the project and has assured active participation.

During the site visit in July 2021, we determined the areas to be planted. We see an urgent need to plant trees on an area of about 30,000 m² (3 hectares); this will require about 7,000 trees. In 2021, we want to start with one hectare, with more trees being planted in subsequent years. To prevent damage by wild animals, a protective fence will be erected around the site.

Your support counts

Will you cover the planting costs for one or more trees? We calculate about 10 € per tree (purchase of seedlings in an Albanian nursery, construction of the game protection fence, machines and tools etc.). Your donation helps to sustainably improve the living situation in the Albanian mountains and is at the same time a contribution to global climate protection. Thank you very much!

Please transfer the money to our donation account: Christlicher Hilfsverein Wismar e.V., IBAN DE51140510001200014100, reference "trees". Or donate right here at (2.5% of the donation will be deducted for transaction fees).

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