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Trees for the Future

Bishnica, Albania

New stage of our project "Trees for the future" in the Albanian Mokra region: After 2017 we are planning the next action for autumn 2019 (or 2020, depending on donations).

F. Weinhold from Christlicher Hilfsverein Wismar e.V.
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The Christlicher Hilfs­verein (Christian Relief Association) Wismar e.V. has been active in the albanian Mokra region since 1992. In addition to aid transports, social projects and community work, we also support the improvement of infrastructure and general living conditions. Through the project “Trees for the Future” several thousand forest and fruit trees have been planted since 2004 to reforest erosion areas and to improve farmers’ incomes. These campaigns were accompanied by an international exchange of experience for forestry employees and contributed to visibly changing the region: The Mokra Mountains are much greener today than they were 10 years ago.

5000 new trees
2In 2017 we took up the project again. For autumn 2019 (or 2020, depending on donations) we are planning the next campaign.

Mr. and Mrs. Reindorf, gardeners from Lübeck, are responsible for the planning and implementation of the project. They are preparing the planting campaign together with the local forest administration; local farmers, school classes and helpers from Germany are involved. Tree-growing nurseries from Schleswig-Holstein will donate the majority of the seedlings. Nevertheless, we need financial support for working materials and the implementation of the campaign.

Your support counts
Would you cover the planting costs for one or even more trees? We expect about 5 € per tree. Your donation helps to sustainably improve the living situation in the Albanian mountains. Thank you very much! 

Please transfer to our donation account: Christlicher Hilfsverein Wismar e.V., IBAN DE51140510001200014100, purpose “Baeume / Trees”. Or use the online donation form, provided by our partner (2.5% of the donation will be deducted for transaction fees).

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