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Closed Giving Nepalese girls a future!

The "Sisters of Solukhumbu" aid project finances the Kathmandu-based education of 8 Nepalese girls from rural areas. The severe earthquake in 2015 has left the project in financial difficulties, and we are hoping for support via

H. Rössger from Nepal Kinderhilfe e.V.Write a message

•The "Sisters of Solukhumbu" aid project was initiated in 2013
•The project forms part of the Nepal Children's Aid Association (Nepal Kinderhilfe e.V.) network, an association founded in 2005 which specialises in the support of school children in Nepal and currently sponsors over 260 children all over the country, enabling them to attend school
•The project's objective is the provision of educational support for 8 young Nepalese girls from poor, rural settings, who now study in the capital, Kathmandu
•Five girls are currently studying at further education colleges (subjects: hotel & business management, nursing)
•The three youngest are still at school (GCSE and A-Level age groups)
•The severe earthquake in Nepal in 2015 has serious financial consequences for the project: higher living costs and massively increased school and college fees. Sisters of Solukhumbu has great difficulty in making ends meet
May 2017: The undemocratic government and ever-increasing costs culminate in the rampant privatisation of social infrastructure (read: education)
•The annual re-registration costs for school and college are raised once more; SOS finds itself in considerable financial difficulty and we are now aiming to collect fund to secure our girls' future via