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Closed NaSCab - a new concept for pupils in Africa

Lilongwe, Malawi

NaSCab - Nature and Science Cabinet for Africa. A project for additional education in Africa, initiated by the abc Gesellschaft e.V. NaSCab is used by pupils for experiments and research activities to form experts and skilled workers of tomorrow

F. Kuhn from abc-Gesellschaft e.V. | 
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About this project

Experimentation and Research
Experience and Knowledge
in the field of Natural Science and Technology for pupils in the Primaries and Secondaries
In Africa there is a great need for experts and skilled workers in many technical professions. Therefore it is necessary that pupils at an early stage of life develop scientific and technical experience, which they can build on with further education and studies.
 In the NaSCab (Nature and Science Cabinet), scientists and teachers have collected carefully tested and selected educational materials in six boxes for experiments within the fields of water, air, biology, electricity, magnetism and mechanics.
Pupils in form 7 and 8 in the Primaries and 1 and 2 in the secondaries schools can work in groups and find answers to many of their own questions, gain insights and recognize structures through their actions and research.
 In manuals and workbooks teachers and students will find easy understandable descriptions, experimental assignments and specialist information on teaching and group work.
 As part of modern education the cabinet includes 6 tablets with which teachers and students network, download apps for e-learning, look for web tools and more information to promote their work and research, easily to share these information among them. So they are able to strive for common goals. A detachable solar module is mounted on top of the cabinet and wired with a Solar-Generator, to power the tablets, already existing mobile phones and the electric gear of the experiments.
 The abc-Gesellschaft e.V. for teacher-training, adults alphabetization and constructions of schools in Africa, Asia and South-America is the initiator of this project. They will organize together with the ministers of education in African countries "Teacher-Travel-Academies". 10 to 12 teachers are traveling around the countries and invite teachers from different schools to participate in a 5-day-workshop to change the methods and to introduce the possibilities of the NaSCab (Nature and Science Cabinet). Since the Cabinet will be installed on wheels, the transportation of the NaSCab to the different schools will be easy.
 As a desired consequence, a company in Africa should produce and distribute as far as possible the rolling cabinet and the content of itself.
The Product NaSCab stands for a new idea in teaching and everyday life of pupils, teachers and manufacturers, providing school additional education for everyone. 
Updated at 18. March 2020