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Scateboards for Disabled in Ghana

A project from Hogfe Foundation e.V
in Accra, Ghana

Hogfe foundation would like to provide skateboards, footballs and protective gears for the diasbled.supports young people and adults with severe and complex disabilities to take part in sports activities.

h. foundation
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About this project

According to the Ghana Federation Of Persons With Disabilities, “People with disabilities in Ghana are often regarded as unproductive and incapable of contributing in a positive way to society, and rather seen as constituting an economic burden on the family and the society at large, which leaves them in a vicious cycle of poverty.” .Polio victims are not an uncommon sight in Accra. The poorest of them often make a living from begging, weaving through the Ghanaian capital's traffic on homemade skateboards, seeking handouts from passing motorists. It's not an easy life. Hogfe foundation supports young people and adults with severe and complex disabilities to take part in sports activities.The main issues facing disabled people in Ghana are linked inextricably to chronic poverty and discrimination – lack of access to formal education , lack of access to employment and income generating activities.Hogfe foundation would like to provide skateboards, balls and protective gears for the diasbled.
To enhance and maintain the quality of life of individuals with special needs by providing therapeutic recreation services, health and wellness programs, socialization opportunities and basic living skills, in our facilities and in the community.Hogfe foundation is offering a full range of programs and activities for individuals of all ages with developmental disabilities. We provide a fun, safe environment for youth and adults seeking recreation and sports related activities.We are committed to providing services and programs which enable individuals with special needs to obtain the highest levels of independence, physical well-being and self-esteem. As one of the few organizations of its kind in Ghana, we are in a unique position to teach a wide range of essential skills to individuals with intellectual and cognitive disabilities. Our vision is to fulfill our mission by meeting the changing needs of individuals with disabilities, providing family support services and offering extensive community awareness and public education programs. Worldwide, persons with disabilities who beg for part or all of their living are one of the most visible and least understood groups within the global disabled population. In Africa, people who beg do so because they are trapped in a “cycle of poverty” and that begging is an activity or adaptation of last resort. Moreover, there is a traditional link between poverty and disability. Poor people are at greater risk of becoming disabled through lack of adequate housing, food, clean water, basic sanitation and safe working environments. People with disabilities, in turn, are at increased risk of becoming poor through restricted access to education, health care, job training and employment opportunities. These factors, in combination with the effects of stigma and social isolation, limit the ability of people with disabilities to be full participants in their societies and to find employment that will support them and their families.