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Closed Cambodia: Creating Prospects Through Education!

Electricity shall reach even the last household in Cambodia! We educate young adults to be an electroassistant. So they can push the progress of their country and activly shape their own future!

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Our Goal

Offer young people within the region of Reoul an educational opportunity in the field of electronics that adapts to their personal life situation. In that way they are able to improve there job propects and they get a chance to make a living for themseles and their families on their own.

Our Target Group

Discriminated and disadvantaged young people within the region of Reoul who can't afford graduating from highschool or follow-up educaton

Our Partner

Cambodian Child Aid & Cambodian Development Organization for Childcare
For serveral years our partner operates a trainingcenter in Reoul that offers Englisch- and computer lessons. In the course of the technical development of the country our partner likes to expand his course portfolio with a technical vocational training.

Our Task

Developement of a training on the job for electroassisstens
Design of a suitable curriculum based on a requirement analysis of local companies and design workshop concept where the students are able to put theory into praxis.

Next steps on our way to the first day of training:

  • Clarify the conditions for a vocational training center (e.g. how long should the program be? What level? etc.)
     In order to do so we need to do a preexploration and visit our partner in the region of Reoul
  • Specify the curriculum based on the knowledge level of the target group and the requirements of the local industry
  • Detailed design of the workshop

Goals of the preexploration

1. Interactive Workshop in order
        - to find out in what kind of vocational training the target group is interested in
        - to identify the knowledge level of the target group

2. Work on a cooperation with local companies in order
        - to understand what qualifications they are looking for
        - to create an oppotunity for internships

3. Meeting with state authorities in order to get a state-approved certificate for the programm

4. Build cooperations with local schools in order to call intention on the programm long before the students graduate from highschool.

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