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Schooling not FGM!

A project from Capricorn Foundation
in Samburu / Amboseli, Kenya

We support girls in their quest for education to keep them safe from being married off too early, become pregnant of undergo FGM. Girls and women are a major pillar in the African society that need to be strengthened. Their future counts!

Tatjana G.
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About this project

We are collecting for the Capricorn Foundation that supports two educational programs in Kenya mainly for girls. You can read up on all our activities and developments here
Girls are still being marginalized in many rural areas in Kenya and are often married off at an too early stage, become pregnant and still have to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM). Even though this is illegal, traditions and beliefs are hard and slow to change. 
In the Samburu region (mainly nomadic Pokot, Turkana and Samburu live here) we maintain two boarding schools for mainly girls. By doing so the girls are safe and can continue their schooling without the interference of tradions and family beliefs. For the maintenance of the boarding houeses we urgently need your help.
In the greater Amboseli region (inhabited by Maasai) we send 6 girls every year to secondary school for the same reasons. The parents of these girls have formally commited not to marry them off prematurely, ensure they do not get pregnant or undergo FGM. For the school fees of these girls we urgently need your support.