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Aid for cholera victims in Yemen

Hajja, Yemen

Vision Hope International joins the global movement of Giving Tuesday on 28th of November to support the people in Yemen. Help us in our efforts to save lives and fight cholera, hunger and war with us!

M. Leibbrand from Vision Hope International e.V.
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About the project
The civil war in Yemen has turned the country into a humanitarian disaster: 80 percent of the population, 20 million people, are dependent on humanitarian aid. Access to clean drinking water and sufficient nutrition is not ensured and the medical infrastructure has collapsed. A cholera outbreak in March 2017 has increased the need for clean drinking water and medical aid. Cholera is spread through contaminated water and is often deadly if patients don’t receive medical attention.

Vision Hope International provides humanitarian assistance in Yemen since 2002:

- We support the reconstruction of medical and sanitarian infrastructure, especially in the Northern part of the country.In total, 18 health facilities are provided with medicine, cleaning supplies, hygiene trainings and salaries for medical and cleaning staff.

- We distribute packages with water filters and cholera kits among the population for prevention and containment of the disease. One kit may include: 50 water purification tabs, 2kg of washing powder, soap bars, 2x 10l jerrycans, 1 toothbrush and toothpaste and 1 water basin.

- We train hygiene promoters, who visit households and explain, how cholera can be prevented and treated. They demonstrate the use of water purification tabs, water filters and how to wash hands correctly. Also, the promoters inform the people about the nearest cholera treatment center.

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