The Clearing Barrel GI-Café-Germany

An aid project by “Military Counseling Network e.V.” (M. Capps-Schubert) in Kaiserslautern, Germany

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M. Capps-Schubert (Project Manager)

M. Capps-Schubert
Kaiserslautern/Germany is the largest US-military community outside the US. The Gi-Café wil serve as an embasy to effortlessly get in direct contact with military personnel, to share alternative points of view and information and provide a safe space for soldiers, veterans and their families away from the bases. The café will also serve as a counseling node for the Gi-Rights network, which is currently represented here in Germany by the Military Counseling Network (MCN). The work of the MCN is to have free counselors available to soldiers to help with to learn about military regulations, pursue discharges, and reaffirm their rights in a military environment.
It provides a regular meeting point, and a place to get away from the overbearing environment of the US bases.
It will be a regularly occupied office for questions regarding discharges and military regulations for soldiers throughout Germany and wherever else outside the United States.
It is a very good solution to the difficulty of coming into direct contact with soldiers on a large scale and provides a permanent setting where US soldiers will come directly to us,allowing a more meaningful information exchange.
The Café will be run by anti-war veterans who have resently gotten out of the military themselves and who will be able to operate on a level of mutual understanding that is often difficult to attain by many others.

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Location: Kaiserslautern, Germany

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