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GI-Café-Germany- The work will continue -


A safe space for US-soldiers, veterans and their families to provide a meeting point and free counseling away from overbearing environment of US military bases

M. Schubert from Military Counseling Network e.V. | 
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About this project

Dear friends and supporters

It´s a pity but due to my health issues I will shut down The Clearing Barrel in the near future, by December 31, 2016 at the latest. The location was a good one, but the actual work does not depend on the location  The original idea of coming to Kaiserslautern and the military region of the West Palatinate as the base for the work of the café and MCN e.V. was a good one at first. Over the 5 years of its existence, it fulfilled the desire for a place where a wide range of people and groups can meet. There were many amazing and moving interpersonal encounters with US soldiers, refugees, artists, students, German and US veterans, different initiatives and groups, political and apolitical people of all ages which would not have been possible without The Clearing Barrel. More than 300 political and cultural events and meetings have shown the great need for a place like that in the region and I want to thank everyone for the great cooperation, the support and the personal dedication and for all the pleasurable encounters.
The end of the The Clearing Barrel in Kaiserslautern is not the end of the political work in fact, it frees up more space and time for doing really necessary political work alongside the counselling work that does not depend on location anyway.
The work will continue - just in a different shape -- Look out for the Pop Up GI-Coffeehouse !

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Updated at 18. September 2020