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Please support children and young people to learn through theater pedagogy!

Hildesheim, Germany

Children, young people and adults of all backgrounds play theater in the workshops and projects of the public charity TPZ Hildesheim. The players are developing and experience news about themselves, other people and the world.

K. Löwensprung from Theaterpädagogisches Zentrum TPZ Hildesheim e.V.
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Theater pedagogy for EVERYBODY and in EACH AND EVERY CASE
Theater work helps children and young people to develop their potential. 
During the rehearsals, they learn new things about themselves, others and the world. 
In the spotlight, a lot of young players surpass themselves and create intense stage moments. 
Teachers or family members in the audience often are astonished: "I've never seen you like that before!"
The classroom shouldn’t be the only place for education and development. 
A learning venue full of chances for everybody is the theater stage – an exciting aesthetic and social field of experimentation. All the members of a theater project get involved and work to achieve the big aim: the performance in front of the audience.
Theater pedagogy 
• helps to discover and strengthen personal strengths and self-confidence
• provides great pleasure through playing, communicating and experimenting
• is the experience of social diversity as an enrichment
• means living inclusion and democracy
• means active and creative composition of art, culture and life
• is social participation through cultural participation
• is holistic and social learning
This is the reason for our work. We are the Theaterpädagogisches Zentrum (TPZ) Hildesheim e.V.; a public charity and a network of freelancing theater, dance, music and media trainers cooperating with cultural and educational institutions. Since 2007, we’ve been playing theater with nonprofessionals with and without special needs.
In 2017, the TPZ becomes 10 years old. For our birthday, we wish that many more people will experience the stage with us and benefit from the power of theater pedagogy. We need your support to be able to provide a spotlight for children with and without special needs and disadvantages.
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