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A Raspberri Pi Server setup for rural Guatemala

A project from Li Ch'utam Deutschland .eV
in Teleman, Guatemala

ICT based project with raspberry pi based on the initiative. Li Ch'utam will set up a rural IT centre which prioritices education and empowerment for one of the poorest and most marginalised parts of the population in Guatemala.

H. Niemann
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About this project

Li Ch‘utam Deutschland e.V. is german based non - profit organisation with the goal to improve the access to education via information and communication technology in Guatemala. We work directly with the  indiginous population in the Alta Verapaz region where we are currently building our first IT centre close to the rural city of Telemán in the Polochic valley.

We are active with local and international volunteers since 2009 are support the population with different projects and support structures. One of our main pillars is the improvement of basic education which we will achive through the use of IT. We are currently building a 2 storey building to host our IT Centre, which we run on the education orientated mini computers Raspberri Pi. 

The Raspberri Pi offers great opportunities to learn coding and set up experimental structures as well. To equip the whole centre with our planned set up we will need up to €11.000 to enable a enriching working place for children of all ages in our community. With the help of IT we can secure the access to educational material, ensure that reading and writing skills are used and trained on a regular basis and that modern problem solving will become a routine for our  youngest. 

If you seek any more information on our work visit our facebook page or contact us directly at: info(at)