Funded Energy saving in construction in North Korea

An aid project by “Agape international” (S. Burckhardt) in Rhyokpho, North Korea

S. Burckhardt (Project Manager)

S. Burckhardt
Agape international continues to cooperate with the Non-Conventional Energy Development Center in Pyongyang. After the successful construction of small scale wind turbines this will be a next step for efficient energy use. Using the example of the new training center this will show how a low emission building could look like. Local material and know-how will be combined with state to art standard from Europe. The building will be a model for future buildings in cities of the country. During the project at least 100 local experts will be trained to be able to train others in this field again. The project will help the people to deal with the energy lack and improve their living conditions in the energy sector by supporting local initiatives to use alternative energies such as wind, sun, biogas etc.

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Location: Rhyokpho, North Korea

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