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Open Space

Drama, Greece

Open Space

Drama, Greece

Providing an open space for refugees in Drama (northern Greece). Organizing cultural, sporty and musical activities.

R. Fischer from JuKi e.V. | 
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About this project

180 people which had to leave their homes for several reasons are now living in a renewed warehouse in an industrial area seven kilometers from the Greek city Drama. The refugee camp is far from Athens and Thessaloniki and therefore seldom visited by charity workers.

While basic needs are cared for by the camp organization, the mental health of the refugees is suffering from the desperate situation. Therefore, we are building an open space in a circus tent where the people can come together, exchange ideas and distract each other from the dull everyday-life.

Different people from numerous countries who once where teacher, baker or mason are living in the camps in Europe, and are now just one refugee of many. We aim to fight this reduction and focus on the diversity and strengths of the individuals. With “Open Space” we want to build a platform where the people can be reintegrated in a community using their individual skills.

By providing an open space we facilitate the renewal of energy for the often depressing everyday-life. We want to organize cultural, sporty, and musical activities which can be lead through locals, international volunteers or the refugees themselves.

Updated at 18. March 2020

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