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Closed Flood Disaster in Sri Lanka: Relief Packs for Children

Relief Packs for children affected by the flood disaster in Sri Lanka. Lemonaid and ChariTea e.V. are supporting PEaCE in generating much needed funds to ensure children can go back to school and have their basic needs met.

A. Puhlmann from Lemonaid & ChariTea e.V.Write a message

According to Sri Lanka’s Disaster Management Centre, around 630,082 people belonging to 163,889 families have been affected in 15 Districts due to the flood situation in the country. Over 1,509 houses have already been destroyed and around 7,643 houses have been damaged partially. 203 deaths have been reported and 96 people have gone missing. 

This is considered to be Sri Lanka’s worst flooding in almost a decade and various support teams have commenced many relief efforts to help the victims. In addition to this, many parts of the island have been severely affected by landslides that have resulted in tragic deaths and displacements. The Ministry of Education confirmed that over 44 school children have been killed in devastating floods and mudslides. 

The Lemonaid and ChariTea Foundation together with PEaCE are of the view that children who are affected by the prevailing disastrous situation need a special attention and we are willing to make the maximum contribution to help them recover, both physically and mentally. As an experienced organization that has handled a number of programmes intended at protecting and empowering children, our fullest strength will be dedicated towards this timely initiative. Even though the southwest cyclone “Mora” which triggered this situation has left Sri Lanka, a lot of efforts remain to be made to help the victims. We believe that for any relief attempt to be sustained, they should take the form of both immediate responses and long-term result oriented activities. 

As an organization with special focus on protecting the children everywhere, it would be ideal for PEaCE to distribute essential relief items such as water bottles, sanitary items, dry foods, essential medicine etc. among the flood victims. An especial initiative would be to provide the school children affected by the recent floods and landslides with stationaries, clothes, school uniforms and other essential items as an attempt to help them get them back to school and continue their education without interruption. Needless to say, this natural disaster has destroyed not only the lives and properties of people but also the items and opportunities that are essential to them, especially the children, to grow with educational and personal development. 

It is our intention to select a group of school children from mostly affected areas to distribute at least 1000 relief pack containing essential items, such for them. Each pack will cost LKR 5,000/-. We will work closely with relevant school authorities in collaboration with the Ministry of Education to select this group and items will be distributed with due care and responsibility. 

Protecting Environment and Children Everywhere (PEaCE)
June 1, 2017


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