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Serving ONE CLIENT - Online Platform for Pocket Project with Thomas Hübl

Wardenburg, Germany

We will create a multi media platform (networking, archive) including a holographic animation to show that the impact of collective trauma onto mankind is much broader than we are aware of. Support us to fulfill this vision!

S. Rassuli from Sharing the Presence e. V.  | 
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About this project

With the Pocket Project, we induce collective intelligence to take care of the collective wounds in the tissue of the world and humanity.
In support of this mission, we are currently designing an online learning, exchange and information platform on the insights into the effects and integration of collective and intergenerational traumatisation.
We will create an interactive multi media platform including free access to information, the networking platform and the archive on the topic of transgeneraltional and collective trauma. We will integrate a holographic animation to make the impact of collective trauma onto mankind visible that is much broader than we are aware of.
The design of this platform is being heavily supported by volunteers. We are collecting funds for its implementation, graphic design and maintenance, as it is our intention to have the site be free for every user, for all of humanity – the ONE CLIENT.
The platform is being designed to:
·      Facilitate the exchange of experiences with collective and intergenerational trauma work and large-scale group healing processes
·      Accumulate knowledge which arises within the Pocket Project, the Pocket Training and the local Pocket Groups on the symptoms, effects and integration of collective trauma
·      Support research projects within local Pocket Groups and collaborative global research projects on collective and intergenerational trauma and its integration
·      Feed knowledge on collective trauma from various disciplines into a knowledge base which is accessible to everyone
·      Allow Pocket Group members to connect locally and globally and learn from each other
·      Transmit teachings of Thomas Hübl on collective trauma integration in a more direct way

As local Pocket Groups feed their growing knowledge on collective trauma work into the platform, it will serve to establish the global principles and patterns of collective trauma, while at the same time showing the local specificities of how this trauma plays out and what it responds to. The healing of a collective traumatisation following decades of civil conflict in Columbia, for example, may require a different approach to the integration of traumatisation following the civil war in Sri Lanka.
The platform will be connected to the existing Pocket Group website. A part of the site will be for logged-in members, while the editorially refined knowledge base will be accessible to the global public.
With this undertaking we wish to spark each other’s creativity and literally serve the ONE CLIENT. We ask for your support in bringing it to life.
Updated at 18. March 2020