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Save children's sight in Sri Lanka for a better chance in life!

Invest in the future and education for the children in Sri Lanka. Help them to get a perfect eyesight so that they succed at school. The H.I.T. Foundation provides glasses for families, who can't afford to buy them in those monsoon-striken countries.

C. Sorgenfrey from H.I.T.Stiftung gGmbH,Dr.P. Kaupke, HamburgWrite a message

Invest in the future of Sri Lanka's children. Your help will enable socially-vulnerable children and orphans from the monsoon-striken country to succeed at school and achieve their full potential.

The H.I.T. foundation provides glasses for children in Sri Lanka whose families simply can't to afford to buy them. If children can't see well, they won't be able to do well in school and can't optimize their chances of getting the best possible job.

Our team consists of opthalmologist Dr Peter Kaupke (founder of the H.I.T. foundation), an orthorptist, a camera operator and countless pupils and students from all over Germany. Together they have examined 2000 pupils from 10 schools in all four regions of Sri Lanka under extreme weather conditions. As many as 400 teachers have also been trained in the importance of good eyesight in education.

12% of the children examined were found to have poor eyesight. They desperately need our help to ensure that they aren't further disadvantaged in school. Your donation will enable children with poor eyesight in Sri Lanka to have the best chance of succeeding in school and in life.

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