Temporary school sponsorships

Khumusalaba, Kenya

Temporary school sponsorships

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Under ‘further photos’ you can see all the children who are already provided with school fees and school lunch by betterplace donors. This is the 2nd round of our fund raising campaign. Life goes on…

Uschi J. from Emukhunzulu-Patengemeinschaft e.V.Write a message

There are still so many children left at our little school ‘Emukhunzulu Education Centre’ who attend lessons with the few money their parents put into their children’s education but do not have the means anymore to take part in our school lunch program.
Please support those children by paying for two months’ school lunch for a child.
If a sponsor has been found meanwhile and is willing to pay for the child already we will transfer your donation to the next child in need. If you wish we inform you about that.