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St. Depri – wir sind immer für uns da e.V.

Hamburg, Germany

St. Depri can be one of the first addresses for people with mental diseases, their friends and those interested in the topic in general. We offer low threshold projects, such as sports, relaxing courses, intercommunication, information, and support.

Verena D. from St. Depri - wir sind immer für uns da e.V.
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St. Depri was found after the suicide of a beloved friend and member of the fanscene of the football club St. Pauli. It became our ambition to prevent, that nobody should get into the same desperate situation, but we failed. Nevertheless we never lost track of our other intentions: improve sensibility concerning the fact that clinical depression is no question of temper but a deadly disease, develop attention within friends, colleagues, and family to take care of each other, psychoeducation, regularly possibilities to ask questions and to exchange with others, weekly sports offering to fight listlessness, possibility of first appointments with professional psycho-therapists, or psychiatrists to classify what a person might lack and/or need to feel better, support to open scary mail, company for visiting home-games of FC St. Pauli. 
All our projects are offered freely, as we believe that it is hard enough to accept help; to pay for them means just another obstacle. 
We need money every month as we wish to continue our weekly sports offering, as well as the weekly relaxing course, the monthly psychoeducation, flyers, posters, appointments with psychiatrists, and therapists, and other acquirements like office supplies. 

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