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17x17x17: The June 2017 - fundraising campaign for FONELISCO!

A project from FONELISCO e.V.
in Mwanza, Ilemera, Tanzania

17x17x17: 17 volunteers are trying to find 17 people each who are willing to support the orphanage FONELISCO in Tanzania with 17€. That's how they want to help the organization by enabling them to pay the rent and the running costs of July.

D. Weber
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About this project

FONELISCO is an orphanage in Mwanza, Tanzania. Approx. 50 street children and orphans live there. The organisation was founded in 1997 by a Tanzanian Joseph Elias, who together with indigenous employees runs the organisation. The organisation offers the children shelter, food, health care and Education. 
Who are we?
We are 17 co-workers from the German Association Fonelisco e.V. and would like to support the street children & orphanage FONELISCO. Most of us have worked there for a time and have had formative experiences and as such, have persuaded others with the idea. We all together would like to continue being involved in the lives of the children and support them with this campaign.
 What is our goal?
Each one of us has set him/herself with the goal to each find min. 17 people, who will support the campaign with 17€. Thereby we would like to, during the month of June, all together collect 17x17x17€ = 4.913€. The goal is to support Joseph and his team in order to cope with the rent payments for July. The yearly rent for the workers’ residence (ca. 3.900€) as well as the quarterly rate for the orphanage (ca. 1900€) has to be paid. Additionally there are other monthly costs e.g. Food, medical care etc. If you guys want to see what each of us can achieve with his/her 17x17€ in Fonelisco, then look at our needs on the right corner of the page! You can all see - every cent counts! That’s why we would also appreciate it, even if you give less or even more than 17€!
How can you support us?

You can donate by simply going on the platform betterplace. A donation receipt can be provided, if needed. Betterplace will retain 2.5% from all donations for your labour costs and money transfer costs, by which they take some of the work off us! If you want to donate to us directly, you can always make the donation as a money transaction to our account (IBAN: DE 59 7909 0000 0003 2457 48, BIC: GENODEF1WU1). Also if you want a donation receipt, don’t forget to write 17x17x17 & your address in the details section of the transaction form!

We are incredibly motivated to make this campaign a resounding success. Lots of thanks to everyone for your support!!!

Andrea, Anja, Anna, Annika, Cindy, Dominik, Franziska, Freda, Friederike,Johanna, Julia, Laura, Luise, Sabrina, Simon, Sophia, Tatjana