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Funded Shoes For Nuns

Dehradun, India

Decent shoes for about 150 nuns living, practicing and studying at the Sakya Monastery in Dehradun, India. Most of them only have a pair of flip flops which is potentially dangerous. Let's put sneekers on their feet.

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About this project

We would like to raise money to get decent shoes for the Sakya Nuns in Dehradun, India.
Most of them only have a pair of flip flops which is not only unconfortable but also potentially dangerous. There are around 150 nuns living in that monastery.

The German language is famous for exporting words like:
'SCHADENFREUDE' - rejoicing in the misery of others.
But we lack the word for the opposite. So does the English language.
But there is a word in Sanskrit called MUDITA.
It describes the JOY of seeing others being happy.

If you are interested on what the Dalai Lama, Karmapa and Ringu Tulku have to say on the topic, click here: PLAYLIST

If you know the feeling which the word MUDITA describes and it makes you happy to make other people happy - then please put in some small amount - so little that you will never miss that money.
No matter how little money you put in - even if it is just 1€ - your contribution will help to make this happen.
Also know that 100% of your money will go to its designated cause.
The money will be personally delivered by Eliza in autum who will also document the completion of this project, so you get to see the difference you'll have made.

Updated at 18. March 2020