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Project Autism for Autism

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The PEM has been shown to be highly effective for people with autism. We are seeking to train people with autism in our method. Such an approach will subsequently enable them to take on an active trainer role. Donate now for our international Project

Aaron W. from Förderverein der Perdekampschen Emotions MethodeWrite a message

Dear users
We are a nonprofit organization that was founded in Hamburg in 2011.
We use an innovative method derived from the field of acting to teach people from a wide variety of origins, life situations and countries to train, expand and improve their emotional responses and communication skills.
The Perdekamp Emotional Method (PEM) has been used in acting and in acting courses since 1995. It has made an international impact and has also been shown to be highly effective for people with autism. Feedback from a former Asperger’s participant can be viewed >here<

The results achieved in the courses and training programmes include the following.
  •  A clear and objective understanding of emotions
  •  Providing people with the ability to deal with their own emotions and the emotions of others in a secure way
  •  An improvement in active and passive communication skills
  •  A discernibly higher level of emotional balance and stability  
Our aim is to use our method to enable as many affected people as possible to achieve the stability they need to take a confident pathway, to live life on their own terms and to participate in the initial labour market and training market in a sustainable manner.
We are currently using our many years of experience of working with autism to develop an employment promotion measure that is specifically directed at this target group and to this end have also enlisted the help of a person who is affected by the condition. Its now (03.07.17) official certified and feasible.
We take the view that such people are best placed to provide relevant assistance because of their experience of living with autism themselves.
For this reason, we are seeking to train autism sufferers in our method. Such an approach will subsequently enable them to take on an active teaching role. More and more people will then benefit from the method and measures, both as participants and trainers.
The advanced training we offer is currently eligible for funding via a training voucher.
Unfortunately, however, there are and always will be people and autism sufferers in particular whose special personal circumstances mean that they have never had the chance to complete training or higher education. This mean that funding in the form of a training voucher is not available to them.
We would like to use your donation to make it possible for persons to take part in the PEM Trainer course and other international support offers.
This is an important step which we can take together to give autism sufferers the opportunity to find permanent employment irrespective of their current training status or financial means.
Donate now for our international project.

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