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Dance theater productions by Reveriano Camil

A project from Tufa Tanz e.V.
in Trier, Germany

Die Letzte Blume, Bleistiftmusik, Dance, Theater, Trier, Reveriano Camil, art

R. Camil
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About this project

2016 Tufa Tanz e.V. Trier celebrated a big success with the dance theater piece with choir and orchestra "Misa Tango" by Reveriano Camil in Trier, Luxembourg and Saarbrücken. In 2017 Tufa Tanz e.V. comes back to you with 2 new dance theater pieces: "Die Letzte Blume"(The Last Flower)  and "Bleistiftmusik"(Pencil Music). "
"Bleistiftmusik" is already the second resumption of 2011´s premiere. It is a multidisciplinary dance theater piece, in which musicians, dancers and painters appear in mutual inspiration. The audience experiences three art forms that interact with each other. It witnesses the path from the white sheet of paper to the finished work of art as well as the performance of the dancers, which again is influenced by the atmosphere of drawing and music. The live music is a sound carpet, a tissue of tones, creating a virtual space of three artistic forms of expression that form an inseparable connection. The virtual space becomes real in the experience of the audience and is documented by the painters´ persistent two-dimensional graphic presentations. The audience is very close to the action. "Bleistiftmusik" has been very successful in the past and will be performed this year on December 15th and 16th in the context of the 40th anniversary of the Europäische Kunstakademie in Trier (European Academy of Fine Arts in Trier).