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Closed winter proof kennels and medical treatment for our babies

We urgently need winter proved kennels as well as funds for the first supply and intensive treatment of the many puppies that are currently being delivered or found. Vaccinations can be life-saving for the little ones!

Antje R. from FOS Thassos e.V.Write a message

At this moment in time, FOS Thassos in Greece has a separate safe place where we can keep our puppies. 
There is enough space, shelter, running water and shade. Someone on the island came forward and offered us their piece of land to use. For this reason we changed our betterplace project, originally intended to raise funds for a new puppy enclosure.
Most urgently now, well in time to prepare for the coming winter we want to build new kennels for all of our dogs. 
Last winter was the coldest in 15 years in Northern Greece, weeks of snow, and lots of it. We hope to get a lot of sponsors on board for this much needed project. 
Many of our kennels are old and damp now, replacements are needed. We will use as many recycled materials as possible, but still need to buy wood, recycled watertanks and concrete mix as well as straw. 
PLEASE help us to ensure none of the dogs has to sleep in a cold and wet kennel this coming winter. You can donate via betterplace or by any other means you might prefer. 
Every Euro counts, no donation is ever too small. Thank you.

Furthermore we would like to collect donations to support our tiny babies. The once handed to us found and abandoned without their mums. Too young still to fend for themselves, some so young they need bottle feeding. All these young pups need their jabs, very important worming and flea treatment. The initial care is crucial for their survival and quite costly. Please help us to give the pups the best start in life we possibly.

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