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Closed Women Breaking Borders - Refugee Women Conference

A project from Women in Exile e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

On September 22nd to 24th, Women in Exile is holding a German-wide conference for and by refugee women in cooperation with Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung in Berlin. To refugee women to break the isolation in the Lager and participate, we need your support!

E. Ngari
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About this project

On September 22 - 24, refugee women from all over Germany will raise their voices together: As refugee women* we are faced with sexism and racist borders which expose us to all types of prejudice. We need each other’s solidarity to break inner and outer borders/boundaries. Join us in declaring no borders are high, low, wide or solid enough when women unite. 

The aim of this conference is:

To reinforce / weave networks beyond borders

To empower women to break borders of sexism and racism

To find strategies together on how to dismantle all borders e.g. deportations, lagers etc.

To bring the refugees political perspective to the causes of migration

To create space for refugee women to break borders and build community by expressing their talents

During the last years Women in Exile has built a huge network - it's time to bring all those women together and to confront the public with our demands. The conference will be a space for exchange and networking. Another goal is to encourage women and children living in the Lagers (refugee shelters) in inhumane conditions and under constant fear of deportation, to break the isolation and join us for a weekend in Berlin.
To enable as many women as possible to join and participate, we need your support!