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The Origin of jazz- blues and pop music returns to its homeland.

The Press and the ministry of culture are enthusiastic. We motivate the people from Guinea /West Africa to listen to their President Alpha Condé and understand that they should not emirate, and believe in their natural sources and cultural power.

S. Charisius from Kunstverein Wagenhalle e.V.Write a message

Already hundreds of years ago, texts were set to music on the Kora (21-string harp of West Africa) for the kings. Worldwide, I am playing shows/gigs with this instrument and the 5m tall, fully moveable puppet www.DUNDU in order to illustrate, inter alia, Africa's cultural history. Jazz, blues and swing got developped in West Africa. Untill today we are dancing to these rhythms, so we are able to show much gratitude with this project.

Along with the singer from Guinea, Mori Dioubaté, I have composed a hymn of praise for the current president, Alpha Condé. The press and the Minister of culture want interviews, a concert with the President attending, and they are asking for a CD.
The trip will have and communicate several aspects:
 - West African music moves the world and we move the population there to tackle the tasks for a developped, autonomous Africa.
 - Export culture nr. 1 (music) is returning via transformation by European musicians back to its origin.
 - Solidarity with an intelligent and fair President of the African Union, who says: Africa needs to boost itself, it should not emigrate, not wait for help.
 -The musicians around Mori Dioubaté don't only get instruments and technical equipment from Stuttgart but also engagement in their own country and they are playing music created in Europe.
- The first CD on the African market with a Kora musician from Europe.

CD sales and fees for the musicians cannot cover the expenses, therefore everyone can gain an original imported CD, photos and video footage with extra donations. Premium donators may accompany us on tour.

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