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Funded Side by Side Bike for more quality of life for the elderly and handicapped

With your donation you help the elderly and handicapped living in a retirement home or assisted living facilities to enjoy the outdoors and stay healthy thanks to a Side by Side Bike.

B. Llerandi from Bürger-Rikscha gemeinsam in Bewegung e.V.Write a message

Our association Bürger-Rikscha (Citizens Rickshaw) offers environmentally friendly mobility to elderly and/or handicapped people living in a retirement home or assisted living facilities in Stuttgart-Vaihingen and Stuttgart-Möhringen. Our Rickshaw is a three-wheeled bicycle where the driver sits in the front and can take up to two passengers and their mobility equipment (e.g. wheelchair, walking frame, stick etc.) in the back. Passengers have really enjoyed this experience allowing them to get to know their neighborhood, being outside and having an increase of social interactions. In our experience we have found that many passengers would love to enhance this experience by being able to contribute physically by pedaling. Many of them biked when younger and are looking forward to benefit again from the rewarding feeling of having biked somewhere.  Our team of volunteers having provided the Rickshaw experience would like to expand this assistance program with a Side by Side Bike.This would also be beneficial to the health of the eldery and handicapped, as they would get exercise. The model that we are interested in permits the user either to join and pedal along or to take a break. This way people of different abilities and fitness will benefit. We are especially looking forward to organizing outings with small groups, going with the Rickshaw and the Side by Side bike, more people could join and have fun together. Along the way vehicles could be swapped. 

We gathered half of the money we need already and are hoping - thanks to your donations - to collect the rest we need to make our dream come true. Thank you very much for helping out!

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