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Closed School books for “MendaHouse” library project in Mendankwe, Cameroon

We intend to purchase school books and learning materials for the "MendaHouse" library project in Mendankwe/ Cameroon. The library will be open for children of all ages who cannot afford to buy their own school books.

J. Tantoh from MendaHouse e.V.Write a message

We founded the non-governmental organization “MendaHouse e.V.” in early 2017 with the aim to support school children and their families in Mendankwe, Cameroon, in their strive for higher educational attainment. The portfolio of measures includes advisory services, individual learning support as well as the provision of premises for self-study and training courses.
With this call for donations, we hope to raise enough funding to be able to stock the “MendaHouse” library with school books, educational materials and two computers.
Mendankwe – also known as Bamendankwe – is part of the city of Bamenda, the third largest city in Cameroon. As school books are not provided for free in governmental schools and school libraries often poorly-stocked, families must finance school books and learning materials on their own. The fact that school curricula are modified and school books republished on a yearly basis means that books can be used for one school year only. Most families - especially those with several children – struggle with the expenses. As a result, children most of the time rely on their own transcripts when they prepare for exams and, most often, they fail. The described obstacle to educational attainment jeopardizes the future of the local youth and their families.

We believe that providing school books and learning materials is a very simple but highly effective measure of support for children in Mendankwe that struggle for education.
With the money raised, “MendaHouse” will purchase three sets of the latest editions of school books and learning materials for each class level as well as two web-enabled computers to be used for online research of library users.