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Help us giving tuition-free education to children in Congo

A project from Kinder Afrikas e.V.
in Kinshasa, Congo (Democratic Republic)

Centre Ya Bana aims at providing tuition-free education to the children of Kinshasa suburbs, Democartic Republic of Congo. The tuition fees will be covered by the incomes generated by the joined mobile bakery. It's a self sustainability project.

R. Pöschl
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About this project

The Centre Ya Bana project (which means Center for children) is under the roof of the German NGO Kinder Afrikas.

The main goal of our project is to give tuition-free education to the children of Kinshasa suburb, Democratic Republic of Congo. To do that, we provide a mobile bakery in a container which will generate incomes, ensuring its normal functioning and covering education fees. Thus we:

  • Give tuition-free education to local children
  • Provide bakery goods to local customers and to larger customers
  • Promote local economy by hiring only local staff in the bakery and the school
  • Be an actor of local economy as part of what is sold in the bakery is for resale
  • Promote self sustainability as the bakery/school is an autonomous system
  • Train people in the bakery field, as the bakery will be used as a training center.

Interested in what we do ? Visit the Centre Ya Bana website ! :-)