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HAR - Helping Animals Romania is looking for supporters

Buftea , Romania

HAR - Helping Animals Romania is a non-profit organization and operates the "Istland of Hope" rescue station for street animals near Bucharest in Buftea. Please help us to help the animals!

G. Wimmer from Förderverein Treue-Pfoetchen e.V.
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The station in Buftea, near the capital Bucharest, houses the poorest of the poor, dogs and cats who have been abandoned and cast out, who wandered around the streets homeless, some injured and disturbed. In the "Island of Hope", as the station is called, these poor creatures found a place where they are better off now. Here they wait for their placement in a better life or remain in the care of Grigoreta Mares and her team for the rest of their lives.
Originally the HAR team (HAR = Helping Animals of Romania) came to Buftea to reduce the number of stray dogs and cats through castration, to care for them and to have them medically treated until adoption places were found for them.
Little did the team know that it was opening a dam. It did not know how great the misery of the abandoned animals actually was, although the Romanian animal rights activists should have known it.
The area, with the buildings on it, does not belong to HAR itself. The animal rights activists have to pay a high monthly rent, because it is a fallacy that everything is cheaper in Romania. Neither veterinary treatments nor medication are cheaper in this country than here. The feed for the animals is even cheaper in Germany than in Romania.
Nevertheless, the team around Grigoreta Mares stayed on the premises in Buftea, the current "Island of Hope".
The goal of the animal rights activists is to do everything in their power for the animals in this region. They spend all their strength, energy, time and all their heart and soul for the more than 350 dogs and cats that now populate the rescue center. They not only provide the many dogs and cats with food and medical treatments, but also with a lot of love and spiritual care.
 You are constantly looking for people to donate money for the animals in the sanctuary to not only cover the feed costs, but also to cover the monthly costs such as rent, wages for the workers, veterinary costs, electricity, waste, etc. can. Because a month like this goes by quickly and the money is usually used up long before it ends.