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Help the elephant orphans in Zambia!

A project from Pro Wildlife e.V.
in Lusaka, Zambia

In Africa, elephant poaching is escalating, with tens of thousands killed annually for their ivory. Baby elephants are left behind to die in the wild without their herd. In the elephant orphanage, they are nurtured and released into the wild.

Andrea Höppner
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About this project

The poaching of elephants in Africa has dramatic dimensions: thousands of the majestic creatures are killed every year for their ivory, leaving behind helpless baby elephants; without their mothers, they are doomed to die. Young ones that are lucky enough to be found in time are adopted, for example, by our project partners Game Rangers International in a sanctuary in Zambia.

Full commitment for elephants

Game Rangers International has been fighting for the conservation of elephants in Zambia since 2008, working closely with the local national authority (Department of National Parks & Wildlife). They are supported by international partners such as Pro Wildlife. The rescue of abandoned elephant cubs and their care in the orphanage is only the first step. When the young elephants are old and strong enough, they move to the reintroduction station in Kafue National Park, where they are prepared for their return to the wild.

In addition to the orphanage, the rescue unit and the ranger team, other projects are in place for the long-term protection of elephants. These include measures to protect their habitats as well as educational projects for the local population. In addition, Game Rangers also take action against the illegal wildlife trade in Zambia, always in close cooperation with the population in rural areas.

Last resort elephant orphanage

To save the life of each elephant baby, a highly qualified team of veterinarians and caretakers work at the orphanage. They operate from two locations in Zambia: the intensive care unit near the capital Lusaka takes in orphaned and injured elephant children and provides initial medical care. As soon as their health condition has stabilized, the animals are taken to the sanctuary in Kafue National Park. There they are carefully prepared for a future life in freedom in a group of fellow elephants. In total, the project cares for over a dozen elephants.

Pro Wildlife has been supporting the elephant orphanage in Zambia since 2012 and, with the help of its members and donors, has already been able to transfer around 140,000 euros to the sanctuary. 

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