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Support for a Huni Kuin village in the Brasilian Amazon

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Be part of supporting the amazon tribe of the Huni Kuin in the Mother Forest of Brasil.

A. Brito from Erdbewegung e.V. Write a message

My name is André, born and raised in Brazil and currently I am living in Germany. With this crowdfunding, I want to support the amazonian tribe of the Huni Kuin in South Amazon, Brazil. There are more than 10800 Huni Kuin people living in the brazilian demarcated territories (in the state of Acre), which are spread along the Tarauacá, Jordão, Breu, Muru, Envira, Humaitá and Purus rivers.About 2400 Huni Kuin settled down in Peru, after they were foreced to spilt up their nomadic tribes around 1900 a Chr.

I know the Huni Kuin for 8 years and they really helped me with my understanding of the world, especially in terms of nature and spirituality, which is why it is a matter of the heart to me to give something back to them. I last visited the Mati txana Mukaya village near the Humaitá river in August 2016.

I received this request for help from the leader of the village, which houses a community of 96 members - young and old. The village requires support in the form of various tools and materials, water supply, energy and the construction of a community house called Shubua. The Shubua is the spiritual centre of the village where everything important is taking place - school, religion, tradition, meetings and decision-making about the innovations and improvements of the village. The pajé (teacher) of the village told me that besides the deterioration of the old Shubua there is also a more sacred place on a hill, where they would prefer the spiritual centre.  

The support of the Huni Kuin village is more than a personal vision, it’s also an opportunity of cultural and spiritual exchange that can benefit the European culture and and other parts of the world, as we are planning to help individuals to go through the process of aquiring passports. The Huni Kuin have ancient wisdom and consciousness about the world which got lost in most parts of this modern and fast changing world. It’s their wish to create a connection to the whole world to show their tradition and exchange knowledge via computer, internet, videos and photos but also in person.

To sum up the idea of this crowdfunding is to bring self choosen infrastructure for the Huni Kuin: on the one hand to strengthen their own skills, knowledge and resources while preserving their traditions and language. On the other hand, to build a bridge of exchange between Amazon and Europeby organising workshops and school exchanges as well as sharing biological, medical and spiritual knowledge and wisdom. 

Andre, Erdbwegung e.V. - für ein global Miteinander

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