Closed Vision screening program for school children

An aid project by “Elshaddai Ministries Trust” (J. Priscilla) in Chennai, India

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J. Priscilla (Project Manager)

J. Priscilla
Refractive errors are the major cause of Blindness and visual impairment in our country. The entire vision-screening program has been segregated into different activities, arrange for refraction and arrange for spectacles. No screening program should be undertaken unless these facilities are arranged before hand. The planning of screening program will cover all the school going children of 1st standard to 10th standard.(6-15 years) in 3schools near about 1820 student will be benefited.
The facility for refraction should have a qualified ,Ophthalmologist(Doctor), Ophthalmic Assistant, dark room for examination, trial lens set and frame, pinhole, Snellen’s and near vision charts, retinoscope, torch and a short acting mydriactic. It is likely that some of these items will have to be provided to strengthen the existing facility for refraction.
This is the last step in the Vision screening program. Spectacles are the most attractive of all the services we offer (free spectacles) in the entire Vision screening program. This is the successful completion of the program. Each child with refractive error will require a specific frame according to his/her head size and power of corrective lenses depending on the degree of the error. The type of spectacles arranged will reflect on the quality of the program. Cheap and poor quality spectacles should be an avoided and good quality spectacles may be provided for recommended one for mass use in Acetate frame with White English Lenses.

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Location: Chennai, India

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