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Changemakers need your support!

Espoir pour tous needs your support to realize the next changemaker course. 20 young people from three small villages in Congo (DRC) will be enabled to guide groups and to make their communities resilient in the long term.

Natalie E. from Global New Generation e.V.Write a message

Whether in Europe or Africa; In Germany or Congo; Or elsewhere. People leave their homeland - looking for a better life. Perspectives that are threatened with extinction, especially in rural areas - worldwide! To date, many generations have earned their income through agriculture. In the industries, personnel were replaced by machines. In the so-called developing countries, local agriculture was destroyed by expropriation and cheap imports. And those who have not yet given up on agriculture have to deal with climate change. The rise in temperature, the resulting floods, desertification, and other changes, reduce the agricultural yields and thus the prospects of the next generations - worldwide! 
"In the Democratic Republic of the Congo 80% live with less than 1.90 USD. The new generations leave their villages and there is a great rural exodus. The official system of education does not teach the youth how to create better living conditions in their villages and make better use of local resources. "ESPOIR POUR TOUS" supports communities and individuals to develop sustainably in the long term. 
Each village has a demonstration area of ​​60ha. Participants are selected by municipal committees based on the proposed profile of "ESPOIR POUR TOUS". "Quote L. Lutala 
Luc Lutala, I met him in December 2016 at the GEN Africa Conference in Ghana. (Here is a report: Luc is a board member of Espoir pour tous and the Global Ecovillage Network Congo. 
The GEN Africa Network provides the members with a platform where African and international activists exchange ideas about sustainable solutions and their good practice experiences. 
Our partner in Congo Espoir pour tous - "Hope for all" has been committed to sustainable development since 2012. Empowerment of young people creates perspectives and counteracts the land run with ecological solutions. Young people and communities are empowered to find local solutions that meet standards such as The principles of permaculture. So far, has the following been achieved? 
• various further training courses and example projects for the dissemination of sustainable strategies in the DRC 
• 1 National network established 
• increasing demand from municipalities 
Specifically, a 2-week seminar will be held attended by 10 delegates from 3 communities - changemakers aged 17-30 years. 
Overall, it will cost over 10,000 euros. 7.324 € are covered by GIZ subsidies and local institutions. Here at we ask for support for the own share of ESPOIR POUR TOUS.

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