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Raise a Smile e. V.

A project from Raise a Smile e.V.
in Mambwe, Zambia

Raise a Smile works through education to sustainable support vulnerable children and orphans in Zambia.

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About this project

Raise a Smile is a children's charity that supports vulnerable children and orphans in Zambia.  Education is the most powerful tool against poverty and oppression. With the support of our donors, we empower children to decide for themselves the direction their lives will take.

At the moment our main focus is School WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygeine).

More than half of the children in rural Zambia do not have access to clean drinking water and hygienic toilets. Dirty water and a lack of toilets lead to dangerous diseases such as cholera that can be life threatening, especially for young children. Water borne diseases are one of the leading causes of missed school days. If school toilets do not provide sufficient privacy, many girls stay at home for one week every month during their period. With our School WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) programme we improve the school infrastructure with toilets, girls' washrooms, boreholes and hand washing facilities. In addition to the infrastructural improvements we also spread valuable knowledge about important hygiene and health topics through School WASH clubs. With this project we can ensure pupils stay healthy and do not miss school unnecessarily due to illness.