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Children of Kita Lina Aschoff in Bad Kreuznach need a new playground

The alliance per humanity supports this Project and needs for it financial aid.

R. Keil from Allianz Pro MenschlichkeitWrite a message

The blonde Emma and little Oliver are excited. It is their first day in the Kita Lina Aschoff in Bad Kreuznach. During the careful walks, you will discover a lot of great things: fascinating toys and toys, sleeping rooms with cuddle stars, bright group rooms for children, in which they get to know the other children and the teachers. Finally, a look out into the garden - there is construction site.

The sunny playground has to be renewed. "And this is something that the nursery manager Daniela Bosgard says smiling, according to the wishes of the children who were involved in the planning from the very beginning."

Since daily football is played, a new playing field is to be created. There is a swinging combination and a playhouse in the sandbox for the children. A wooden house for storing game and garden materials would be just as cool as a braided visibility fence around the grounds. Does not every gaffer have to see who plays there and what is going on there. New stools for the creative space, boot cacti and magnetic box for creative design are also on the wishlist.

All this costs money. Too much money for the stressed day care center. Although caretakers, nurses and parents willingly active hand. Therefore the 50 children ask for support. Especially the little Elif asks the manager Daniela daily several times whether she has called the adults already to donations. "... and write a whole lot please, please, please - then the adults support us", it is soft, but self-assured about the girl's narrow red lips.

We make the wish of the children of Bad Kreuznach children of the "Alliance Pro Humanity" our own. We call for a fundraising campaign for the children's playground. Join us and help the 50 funky sprouts in the summer play in "their playground", enjoy fresh, healthy spa air and sun.