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Support us when we restart the 1.Pionier Observation of Germany

A project from Astronomisches Zentrum Gera e.V.
in Gera, Germany

A darker place, with accessibility, accessible by public transport, for the public available: the Observatory Gera will be given a new home. We need starting capital for the development of the new site

R. Elsner
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About this project

Now it must go quickly. Quarter next year is crucial to the success! 
A suitable plot for our project is found to provide a new location 1 pioneer Astronomical Observatory of in Germany and must be opened up to now. 
Thus, we, the astronomical Centre Gera E.v., the Observatory devices back to the Observatory want to let be. And then also still accessible! Science education is again possible in the new / old Observatory in Gera. And also easy to reach by bus. We look at the new location.
This we must pave way in the double sense, to go new ways in astronomy in Gera. Go to and help us. It is worth!