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Church for All

A project from Kirche für Alle e.V.
in Kempten, Germany

»Church for All« – reaching people outside the church buildings with the Gospel.

C. Ronsdorf
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»Church for All« has been initiated by Christians from different churches throughout the Allgäu. We are looking to cooperate with all churches from this region, with non-denominational church services outside church buildings. We also want to bring the ones searching for God and those who do not believe in church into encounter with Jesus. We are a colorful bunch of people and the one thing that unites us is the passion that we have for Jesus. He has changed our lives by giving us direction, bringing hope, and His promises for our future.

We organize church services two to four times a year in the middle of the city. You are all welcome to join us, whether you are a student, a worker, someone who doubts, an atheist, German, a foreigner, families, singles, elderly, sick people, hopeless, healthy, big or small… »Church for All« is truely for everyone!

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