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Funded EcuaVida - Students help with sanitation and water supply after earth quake

After the disastrous earthquake (2016) in Ecuador, we will build prototypes for a drinking water and utility water supply and a sanitation solution in a poorly connected area near Canoa, that can be implemented by the population in other locations.

V. Hilgenfeldt from Engineers Without Borders (EWB)Write a message

In April 2016, an earthquake struck the country in the north-west of South America. With values ​​of 7.8, it was the strongest for over 25 years, causing devastating damage. Hundreds of people died, many thousands lost their homes, and their homes also broke their future. In the summer of 2016, a group of students from Ecuador came together, beacuse the wanted to help their country. Through their motivation, they encouraged many other students to help and together we founded the "Engineers Without Borders - Karlsruhe e.V." - project "EcuaVida". Together with our partner organization Proyecto Samán, we are working to improve the perspectives of the people of the region.
Proyecto Samán has acquired a site in a badly connected region near the coastal town of Canoa and is building a residential and educational center. With workshops, trainings and other activities, the terrain will blossom to become a social center in the region..

Our vision
We want to help the region of Manabí with our knowledge from various technical areas. Our vision is to contribute to long-term development by improving water and sanitation and to help build a regional center.

Our goal
For the region, we will realize a water supply and a sanitation solution. It is important to us that the installed systems are well received and spread in order to support the region in the long term. Thus, we are laying the foundations for tackling the problems of the affected region step by step.

Our way
With simple, sustainable concepts, the population should be offered opportunities for sanitation and water supply. They learn not only how to use the systems, but also to build, maintain and repair them in workshops and trainings.

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